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"Zhalia's Mission"
Season 2, Episode 35
Zhalia's Mission
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"The Legendary Titan of Fate"
"Boys Will Be Seekers"
Production Information
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission Medusa's Trap
New Information
Characters Casterwill Hunters
Titans Medusa
Spells Armorburn
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Paris, France
When the Ring of Arc vanishes, Lok, Dante, Sophie, and Zhalia head into the Catacombs to find it. However, the Ring is actually the Legendary Titan of Fate, Arc. She traps each Seeker inside a dream world they must escape. The Huntik team manages to defeat Arc, but Dante's dream leaves him worried about the future.


Zhalia decides to go after the Blood Spiral Brotherhood while pretending to aid them, secretly working for Dante Vale instead. She decides to contact the Huntik team through using the Logosbook spell to allow Dante to read what she writes in her journal while she is acting as a double agent.


Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Medusa
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Krono-Titan Sorcerer
Size Large
Special Ability Stonegaze
Medusa Icon


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