Holotome Profile:
Young Madea Island inhabitant
Younger Villager
Biographical Information
Place of Residence Madea Island
Identifying Traits
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Series Information
First Appearance "The Beautiful Trap"
Last Appearance "The Beautiful Trap"
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The young Madea Island inhabitant was a girl on Madea Island who was created as an illusion by the Titan, Madea. This inhabitant was around the age of Lok Lambert. She led Lok to a puzzle purportedly left by his father, Eathon Lambert, after a temporary stay on the island.


When Dante Vale's Huntik Foundation team went to Madea Island, this young inhabitant of the island told Lok that he reminded her of a man who once visited the island. She lead him to the island's Library where a puzzle was allegedly left. Lok, thinking this was a message from his father, Eathon Lambert, followed her. After taking some time trying to solve the tedious puzzle, Lok realized that this could not have been left by his father as this puzzle was not fun to solve. Becoming angry and realizing the illusion, Lok hit her with a spell, and she vanished. S1E11