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Holotome Profile: Wildwood Druid
Wildwood Druid
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Gaia-Titan
Series Information
Users Lane
Scarlet Byrne
First Appearance "Chasing Void"
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Wildwood Druid is a humanoid Gaia-Titan bearing roots for legs, much like Archwarder and Overlos. A number of branches grow from her back, and she wears red and gold vestments. She is the principal Titan belonging to Lane, and another Wildwood Druid belongs to Scarlet Byrne.


Wildwood Druid was used by Lane in the Casterwill Library against the Huntik team, who were trying do research on the Willblade. Wildwood Druid used her roots to immobilize Sorcerel and defeated her using energy spores. S2E31

Another Wildwood Druid is in the possession of Scarlet Byrne. Unspecified comic


Wildwood Druids is able to control leaves and roots, using her roots to immobilize her enemies. She is also capable of attacking with toxic spores.


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  • Wildwood Druid's summoning command is "I summon the power of nature."
  • Wildwood Druid is based upon the druids, Celtic priests of Ancient Gaul. They are commonly associated with nature.