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Holotome Profile: Vlad III Dracul
Vlad Dracul
Biographical Information
Aliases Vlad III of Wallachia
Vlad Dracula
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad Tepes
Base of Operations Castle of Vlad Dracul
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance "The Bookshop Hunter" (mentioned)
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Vlad III Dracul, also known as Vlad the Impailer and Dracula, was an ancient and evil Seeker. Due to his vampiric Titan, Antedeluvian, Vlad became known as the vampire, Dracula.


Vlad Dracul was the Prince of Wallachia during the fifteenth century and an inheritor of the dark power of the Betrayer. Like his father, he was a member of the Order of the Dragon. Vlad III Dracula Vlad Dracul became known as Vlad the Impaler, or Vlad Tepes in Romanian, due to having executed his enemies by having them impaled on sharp wooden stakes. He was even believed to have eaten dinner while watching these grisly spectacles. Before his death, he cast a spell which allowed his Titans to remain invoked for centuries. The Vampire Loses its Fangs

The Huntik team under Dante Vale were later sent to reclaim Vlad's Bag of Amulets from the Castle of Vlad Dracul. The Vampire Loses its Fangs Though initially reclaimed by the Huntik Foundation, the Blood Spiral managed to lay claim to the Amulets. Tantras was able to claim the power of the powerful Heart of Vlad Dracul, but was foiled by Dante Vale, who had Ignatius burn up the artifact. Lok's Leadership


Vlad Dracul was a very powerful Seeker who used many dark spells. Unbeknownst to Vlad, he was an inheritor of the power of the Betrayer through the powerful artifact known as the Heart of Vlad Dracul, which resided under his throne in his castle. His signature Titan was the vampiric Antedeluvian, although he possessed many more. Vlad managed to place an enchantment which allowed his Titans to remain invoked, and wild, after his death.

Titans Bonded

Artifacts Used


  • His last name of Dracul means dragon, and Dracula means son of the Dragon, both of which reference the Order of the Dragon.
  • The real Vlad III Dracul was a Romanian nobleman who inspirated Bram Stoker's Dracula.

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