Holotome Profile: Venice Preparation Academy
Location Information
Type School
Location Venice, Italy
Series Information
Inhabitants Lok, Sophie, Ford
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Venice Preparation Academy is the school that Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill attended. While attending Lok sat behind Sophie in history the year that the series begins. The year before that he sat behind her in math, and the year before in science. She never noticed him in either of the three classes.

In the episode "A Seeker is Born", Lok follows her out of the school to ask for her help on an upcoming test. Sophie immediately refuses before making a bet that if he could solve her crossword puzzle in less than two minutes then she will help.

The Acadamy makes a final appearance in the series when Dante picks up Lok and Sophie after their final history exam, after which they declare that they are on their summer vacation. At the end of the first season, Lok and Sophie are scheduled to return to the Academy, one day after the events of "The Mission."