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Quotes have been obtained and processed by the Huntik Foundation.

"This temple is controlled by the Organization - and you have just walked into your tomb."
- Unnamed Suit 012 to Dante Vale

"Yeah, sure... Oh wait, got a museum lecture on Thursday. I can't."
- Montehue to Dante Vale, after they are told to surrender by the unnamed Suit 012

"It's nice fighting side by side, Dante, but we're still in competition. I'm bringing Mjolnir back and don't you forget it."
- Montehue to Dante Vale

"Life and death situations are good for the heart."
- Montehue to Lok Lambert  

"Oh my goodness! Out of the frying pan and into the fire!"
- Tersley to Dante Vale

"Don't eat me, please!"
- Tersley to Fenris

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