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Proposed rename: Thoughtspectre Thoughtspecter
Holotome Profile: Thoughtspectre
Spell Information
Class Illusion
Range close - far
Series Information
Users The Professor
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance Like Father, Unlike Son
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Thoughtspectre is a unique spell that allows the caster to create illusions against their enemies. These illusions can range from This function is incredibly similar to the illusory abilities of Madea.


Thoughtspectre was used for years by the Professor to hide his curse for disturbing the Ring of Araknos without the Amulet of Will. source?

Zhalia Moon attained the power and used it on Sutos Island to create a clone of Lindorm so that the raging Titan could be uninvoked by Lok Lambert. S1E11

The spell was also used to turn its user Zhalia Moon invisible. Zhalia used this when she was escaping from the Organization. S1E20

After the fall of the Professor, Thoughtspectre was used by Stack to hide Divine Mirror Kagami, which was summoned by Wilder. source?

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