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Quotes The ears of the Huntik Foundation are everywhere.
The following quotes have been obtained and processed to describe this episode.

"If this old plane falls apart, do you think Bubblelift will save me?" (Sophie Casterwill)
"Probably not." (Cherit)

"At least you wore helmets while jumping from a moving airplane." (Dante Vale)
"Safety first." (Lok Lambert)

"It's tough being new, is it not?"
- Teeg to Den Fears

"Picture one half of the stone, then the whole stone. It's still one, united or apart. Den, all things are this way, even you and the Titan in your hand."
- Teeg to Den Fears, about Kaioh the Tracker

"Cortés's vault, I never thought I'd live to see it."
- Hoffman about Hernán Cortés's vault

"I've seen this happen before; it's never good"
- Hoffman to a Suit

"Dante has already got the advantage. Wilder just doesn't know it yet."
- Lok Lambert to Sophie Casterwill

"We should get to know each other better, Wilder, since we work together so often." (Dante Vale)
"I've had enough of your mouth." (Wilder)

"I hope there has not been any trouble on the mission."
- Galen to Teeg

"Dinner! Oh, you're back already. I guess we'll need more tamales."
- Teeg to the team, after they teleport back