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Mission: The Piper of Hamelin
The Piper of Hamelin
Mission Information
City Hamelin, Germany
Location Hamelin Cathedral
Objectives Investigate the rogue Titan in Hamelin Cathedral
Series Information
Members Guggenheim
Den Fears
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Episode "Gremlow Infestation!"
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The Piper of Hamlin was a mission assigned to Lok, Sophie, and Den along with Guggenheim to investigate a rogue titan in the Cathedral. The Titan was revealed to be the Gremlow but using its swarm ability was able to create an entire colony of Gremlow titans, growing by the minute. To stop them, Sophie purchased a flute, using the notes on a stained glass window within the cathedral to transform it into the Pied Pipe once used by the Pied Piper himself. Using it, Sophie made Gremlow return to its amulet to complete the mission. The team faced a pair of Suits while purchasing the flute.