The Legendary Titan of Body

The Legendary Titan of Body was the mission assigned to Dante, Lok, and Sophie in "Ladies' Choice". The mission was to retrieve the Legendary Titan of Body, Behemoth, which Metz had left behind in the Amazon village. The team ran into some trouble with the Amazons but were able to gain their trust but their laws prevented them from taking anything from the village. Zhalia arrived and challenged Hippolyta for the right to lead the tribe but Rassimov and his men showed up to retrieve Behemoth. While the team holds off Rassimov, Zhalia is able to win the ring of Behemoth and gives it to Dante who uses it to defeat the Organization. Ironically the team had taken this mission because Metz gave Dante a key and map to the village but Behemoth wasn't in the chest the key unlock, instead the chest held a picture of Metz and Hippolyta's mother's wedding and her wedding dress which is what Metz really wanted.


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