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"The Legacy of Thor"
Season 1, Episode 07
The Legacy of Thor
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"Divide and Conquer"
"Two Powers Become One"
Production Information
Air date US: February 14, 2009
UK: January 10, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission The Hammer of Thor
Locations London, England
Post Street Museum
Rainbow Bridge
Temple of Thor
New Information
Characters Montehue
Guardians of Thor
Titans Ymir
Ice Creature
Frost Minion
Spells Bristlevine
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Paris, France
Down in the French Catacombs, Lok and the Huntik team have the Ring of the Arc, a powerful but cursed magic object. They have thirty minutes to take it to a hideout of the Huntik Foundation, and the Organization has blocked all the exits. When there seems to be no more hope, Dante comes up with the idea to fluster DeFoe and his Suits with fake rings in order to put them off the scent.


The Huntik Foundation team is sent on a mission to gain control of Mjolnir, a mystical weapon once used by Thor, an ancient Seeker. However, the Organization is believed to have spies among the Guardians of Thor. They must seek additional help from Tersly, a Foundation researcher, and Montehue, the number two Foundation Seeker under Dante Vale himself.


Guggenheim gives the team a mission to find the Hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, hidden somewhere in Iceland. Dante takes them to see Tersley, a Seeker who has information about the Hammer, and then they fly to Iceland, where it is very cold! They receive word that the Hammer is guarded by a small cult of people who still worship the Norse gods. Not only that, but The Organization has infiltrated the cult! As the team approaches the old temple where the Hammer is hidden, the cultists summon Ymir, a giant Titan made of ice, and send him to attack them! Dante uses his Ignatius Titan to hold off Ymir until the others can temporary trap the giant. After they trap Ymir, the group proceeds to the temple, where they team up with Tersley and his boss Montehue, who is also looking for the Hammer! Expecting a fight with the temple’s cultists, the team is confused when the cultists welcome them inside . . . until the cultists lock the door behind them!


  • in the first part of the episode Dante has a extended collection of amulets there is a Mindrone amulet but, the colour is gold with a blue gem instead of brown with a red gem.

Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Ymir
Attack 6
Defense 5
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Colossal
Special Ability Summon Allies
Ymir Icon