For the faction, see Blood Spiral.

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"The Blood Spiral"
Season 2, Episode 32
S2E32 Shauna Rassimov Wind
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"Chasing Void"
"Den Vs Harrison"
Production Information
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission Recover Void
Locations Klaus' bookshop
New Information
Characters Silent Soldiers
Titans Harlekin
Powerbondings Powerbonded Caliban
Spells Bladecall
Earthrift (unnamed)
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Vienna, Austria
Zhalia leads the team into Klaus's library to find the Amulet of Void. Both the Organization and the Huntik Foundation are ambushed by a devastating new enemy, the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, lead by their old foe Rassimov. Dante manages to save himself by bonding with powerbonded Caliban but the Spirals are too strong. Void ends up in their hands.


After receiving help from Klaus, the team continue their quest to recove the amulet of Void. At Klaus's Bookstore, The Organization led by Wilder ambush the team and a fight follows. However, both Factions are startled when another group arrives to claim Void: The Blood Spiral Brotherhood. Led by their old enemy Rassimov the Blood Spiral are extremely powerful, defeating the Organization easily. After being overpowered by Rassimov, it looks like the end for Dante as he calls on Caliban.



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