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Holotome Profile: Tests of Sir Lancelot
Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot 5
Base Stats
Trap Type Casterwill Trap
Ability Manipulate
Shoots Crossbow Bolts
Series Information
First Appearance Memory Lane
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This is the final trap created by Sir Lancelot to keep Seekers away from his Titan, Cavalier, and the coded instructions for the Findshape spell.




This test is used as the final challenge to obtain the Titan Cavalier and the instructions for the spell Findshape. This test mirrors Sir Lancelot's challenges as he searched for the Holy Grail. There is a pedastal that will steal the amulet of another Seeker without him knowing, and to pass, the Seeker who does not own the amulet should not pick up the amulet. Next, there are two tables, one pilled with food and another pilled with money, both of which the Seeker must refuse. After that, there will be an illusion of the Seeker's enemy tied to a column with two swords in from of him/her, and the Seeker must not try to attack the enemy. Finally, there is an illusion of the lady Gweinevere, representing when Lancelot fell from grace after falling in love with Gweinevere. The Seeker must take Gweinevere's hand and kiss it, after which she will open the door leading to Cavalier and the spell Findshape. If the Seeker chooses any of the wrong options, crossbow bolts will shoot out from holes near the ceiling and kill him/her.

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