Holotome Profile: Teeg
S2E42 Teeg
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Huntik Foundation
Base of Operations Baja California, Mexico
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Series Information
First Appearance "The Power of Umbra"
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Teeg is a Huntik Foundation member based in Baja California, Mexico. As an archaeologist, he and his partner, Galen, were studying Hernán Cortés.


Teeg and his associate, Galen, met up with Dante Vale and his team. Before the Huntik team continued on their mission to recover the Ring of Umbra, Teeg gave the Amulet of Kaioh the Tracker to Den Fears. S2E42


Teeg possesses Seeker abilities and is known to have made use of the Titan, Kaioh the Tracker. In addition to being a Seeker, Teeg is an adept cook.

Bonded Titans


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