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Quotes The ears of the Huntik Foundation are everywhere.
The following quotes have been obtained and processed to describe this character.

"I am, how should I say, a talent scout for a special school."
- Tantras to orphans (Den Vs Harrison)

"These boys called you names, picked on you. They hate you. Gather your anger, Harrison, your loneliness, your hate. Turn them against your enemies with Marauder."
- Tantras to Harrison Fears (Den Vs Harrison)

"I have already sent out Kiel, he is my most brutal of students. She will be reduced to ashes."
- Tantras to Shauna and Rassimov about Sophie Casterwill (The Titan in the Temple of Sun)

"Murdock, have your hunters discover any signs of this Casterwill meeting place."
- Tantras to Murdock (Sophie on Trial)

"Yes the Casterwill meeting place there is a fortress hidden in the valley. Its not far everyone!"
- Tantras to the Blood Spiral (Sophie on Trial)

"Foolish girl, your trickery could not possibly withstand the raw power of chaos."
- Tantras to Zhalia Moon (Sophie on Trial)

"Nothing is out of reach of the grip of chaos."
- Tantras to Harrison Fears (The Spiral War)

"Brothers take to the air, roll yourselves at the enemies gates"
- Tantras to the Blood Spiral (The Spiral War)

"Ha well said, Vlad Dracul may not have realized it himself but he was an inheritor of the will of The Betrayer."
- Tantras to Zhalia Moon and Harrison Fears (Lok's Leadership)

"Vlad Dracul magic turned on me, my power has faded and i have lost my place in the Blooded Circle."
- Tantras to Harrison Fears (Rassimov's Secret)