TCG Profile: Caliban Ocean Warrior - Atlantian Titan
Card Stats
Deck Good
Attack 6
Defense 6
Hero Type Major Hero
Type Krono-Titan
Set Information
Rarity Exclusive
Set ID TIN-001
Card Text
Power Tidal Lance - Free Action: KO target with 7 or more ATK up to 1 zone away.
Splashback - When I'm put into the discard pile, exhaust all friendly major heroes.
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TIN 001 Caliban Ocean Warrior

Playing Strategies

It is not recommended to use this card, although it has 6 attack and defence and no direct play cost, it's Tidal Lance is actually useless since the only evil card that has 7+ Attack is Shauna and Wind: Emissaries of Evil (which is a really rare card) and with its Splashback hinder-ability, it is more dangerous for your own team than the opponents team!


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