TCG Profile: Suit - Ms. Moon, Double Agent
Card Stats
Deck Evil
Attack 5
Defense 4
Hero Type Major Hero
Type Seeker
Set Information
Rarity Ultra Rare
Set ID OAL-028
Card Text
Power I can't be played in round 1.

Lethal — Exhaust Action: Put me into target enemy hero's zone and start a combat. After that combat, if I'm in play, put me into zone 3.

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Card Strategies

Zhalia’s Suit version is notable for being the first major hero Suit. Her 5 ATK / 4 DEF stats are about average for a major hero, but her ability is a killer. She can strike your opponent’s heroes anywhere on the mission map, picking off heroes left by themselves, or with the help of a Strikemode , wiping out several of your opponent’s heroes at once. This card offers a lot of strategic options. Ms. Moon is a great deterrent—just having her in Zone 1 forces your opponent to play around her ability to avoid losing their heroes, which can put them into a really tough situation. If you've got the cunning and the patience, you can lure your opponent into a trap by waiting to play your Zhalia until late in the round.