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Holotome Profile: Suits/Sandbox
DeFoe's Suits
Biographical Information
Aliases Organization Agents
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Base of Operations Organization Central
Identifying Traits
Tome Teknonomicon
Series Information
First Appearance "A Seeker is Born"
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Suits are the lowest level minions of the Organization. Typically dressed in dark suits, they are the pawns whom the higher-level Organization operatives use to achieve their nefarious goals.


Most Suits were banded together by the Professor, practically overnight, through the use of Araknos' mind control ability. S1E24

DeFoe's Suits

DeFoe had his Suits pursue Lok Lambert in an attempt to retrieve Eathon Lambert's journal and its secrets of the Amulet of Will. S1E01 Pursuing the Foundation's clue regarding the Golem, the Organization gained Jodis Lore's Key. S1E03 The team was later sent to Rouen, France, to retrieve Gar-Ghoul. S1E04

However, they missed the more important information on the Ring of Arc and were then sent by the Professor to Paris, France, following Dante's team into the Paris Catacombs. S1E05 Despite gaining a number of new recruits from Paris, they were unsuccessful at retrieving the Ring. S1E06

His Suits were later sent after King Basilisk, but lost the Titan to Zhalia Moon. They also lost unnamed Suit 001 to a petrification trap within the Titan's chamber. S1E09

Upon this failure, DeFoe lost command of his original team of Suits and thus had to rally his remaining loyal Suits within Velo, Greece, in an attempt to finally get his revenge on Dante Vale. This team failed and were escorted back under Grier. S1E10

Grier's Suits

Upon taking DeFoe's place of leadership within the Organization, Grier had his Suits accompany him to Sutos Island in order to reclaim the rulership of the island. The Suits were led into a trap by Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill, and the two sides battled until Dante Vale and Grier announced a truce. His Suits were then permitted to help enforce order on Sutos in order to promote peace on the island. S1E12

Klaus's Suits

Klaus' Venitian Suits were sent, under the instructions of Rassimov, to go after Dante Vale in County Kerry, Ireland. His team of Suits ambushed Scarlet Byrne and Dante's team in the New Grange Passage Tomb but were eventually defeated. S1E13 His Egyptian Suits were sent to excavate the tomb of Nefertiti, and both groups were sent after the Sceptre of Nefertiti, which was taken from the Foundation members after a skirmish. S1E15 During the mission to secure the Amulets of Vlad Dracul, three of his Suits were transformed through the power of Overmode. Even with this power, however, they were defeated when Zhalia Moon chose to side with the Huntik Foundation. S1E17

Rassimov's Suits

DeFoe's former Suits were placed under Rassimov and given an improved arsenal of Titans. They were then sent by Rassimov to ambush Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill, who were working at a burger joint in Venice, Italy. The Suits were defeated by Lok and Sophie, who were joined by Zhalia Moon. S1E14

Two of the recruits from Paris, also formerly under DeFoe, were sent by Rassimov in an attempt to eliminate Sophie Casterwill and company. They failed to hinder the Foundation members, however. More of his Suits, who had infiltrated the Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot, confronted the Foundation team but were swiftly defeated. S1E18

His Suits were then sent by the Professor to the coasts of Turkey in search for the Ring of Behemoth. Though two of his Suits were overpowering the native Amazons, they were defeated by Dante, Lok, and Sophie. Rassimov later joined his team, but the Suits were defeated Dante received the Ring of Behemoth from Zhalia Moon. S1E19

The Professor's Suits

Wilder's Suits


The Suits' greatest asset is their sheer numbers, but they also make capable spies and are excellent at gathering information. In a battle, the Suits fight with a variety of spells and Titans. Just as the Organization brings about cold, unfeeling order with the help of savage evil deeds, its troops fight with Titans such as the cold Mindrone and the savage Redcap.

Individual Suits

* Indicates that an episode source or clarification is still needed

Suit Extras

In several episodes, several of the Suits were digitally "cloned" in order to give the appearance of more Suits. Though many appeared alongside their doppleganger, their status as a separate Suit may be up for debate.

Mugshot Operative Name Base of Operations Superior Operative Spells Titans
Suit C-001 (005 "clone") Venice, Italy DeFoe
Suit C-002 (Mactavish "clone") Venice, Italy DeFoe
Suit C-003 (Steel "clone") Venice, Italy DeFoe

Suit Teams

DeFoe's Suits

S1E05 Suits enter the Catacombs

Some of DeFoe's Suits in Paris

Venice, Italy :: Prague, Czech Republic :: Paris, France
S1E06 Paris Suits

DeFoe's new recruits

Paris, France
DeFoe Greece suit 1

All but one of his Greek Suits

Velo, Greece

Grier's Suits

S1E12 Grier's Suits
Sutos Island

Klaus's Suits

S1E13 Vienna Suits
Vienna, Austria 
: Valley of the Kings, Egypt
S1E14 Egyptian Suits
Valley of the Kings, Egypt
S1E16 Organization pilots
Vienna, Austria

Rassimov's Suits

The Professor's Suits

The Professor's Personal Guard
The Professor's personal guard
Elite Suits 2
Elite Agents

They are highly trained in the martial arts.

Wilder's Suits

Other Suits

Organization operative
Temple of Thor, Iceland

Unnamed Suit 012

S1E18 Organization Paris team
Paris, France

Unnamed Suit 043 and company

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