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Holotome Profile: Spear of Vlad the Impaler
Spear of Vlad the Impaler
Artifact Information
Item Type Key
Effects Unlocks Vlad Dracul's castle
Source Vlad Dracul
Series Information
First Appearance "The Bookshop Hunter"
Last Appearance "The Vampire Loses its Fangs"
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The Spear of Vlad the Impaler is an artifact that was necessary to enter the Castle of Vlad Dracul. It is able to unlock the castle by being inserted into the molded wound of one of the statues at the castle's gates.

According to Sophie Casterwill, the spear at one time did hold the vampiric titan Antedeluvian, who later bonded with Vlad Dracul, the Impaler. S1E17