Holotome Profile: Sorrowbond
S1E24 Sorrowbond
Spell Information
Aura Pink
Class Unique
Series Information
Users DeFoe
Dante Vale
First Appearance "Absent Heroes"
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Sorrowbond is a spell used to sever the bond between Titans or artifacts and their Seekers. When cast, a rainbow colored “barrier” appears around the Amulet or other item which floats towards the caster.


This spell was used by DeFoe to sever the Huntik team from their Titans, although their Amulets were recovered. S1E09 Dante Vale later used Sorrowbond to contain DeFoe's Amulets. S1E10

Wilder tried, unsuccessfully, to collect the Willblade by using Sorrowbond to disconnect the Casterwill family bond from the artifact. He was stopped through the actions of Lok Lambert. S2E29

Dante later used this spell to neutralize Rassimov's Amulets upon his arrest in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. However, Sorrowbond was unable to affect the Amulet of Legion which was hidden inside of Rassimov. S2E47

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