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Holotome Profile: Sorcerel
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Draco-Titan
Size Average
Special Ability Flight
Powerbonding Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Special Ability Armor Force
Triple Truth Shield
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
Michel Casterwill
First Appearance "Cave of the Casterwills"
Powerbonding "The Spiral War"
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Sorcerel is a Titan used by Sophie Casterwill and is the sister Titan of Sabriel.


A Casterwill legend stated that Sorcerel came into the human world with her twin Titan, Sabriel. S2E29

When Sophie Casterwill was fighting against Kiel, she Powerbonded with Sorcerel, thus regaining her strength to fight Kiel. S2E40

Another Powerbonded Sorcerel was used by Michel Casterwill against Lok Lambert's Powerbonded Baselaird. The two Titans defeated each other. HC#17


Sorcerel, like the name implies, has powers oriented towards magic and not the martial arts like her twin Titan Sabriel. Sorcerel can create magical barriers and utilize strong magical blasts which are strong enough to send a Coralgolem back to it's amulet with only two hits. Sorcerel is also capable of defeating Titans like Volcana single handed. Sorcerel is capable of flight, unlike Sabriel.


When the bond with this Titan and her Seeker became strong, Sorcerel gained the ability to create a relflective magical barrier to return attacks back to the enemy. This barrier is called Armor Force. Armor Force is strong enough to return three fire attacks from Kiel, Volcana and Balenpyre. Sorcerel became powerbonded during a fight between Kiel and Sophie. When together with Sabriel and Sophie, they can activate the power Triple Truth Shield.


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  • The summoning command for Sorcerel is "Join us."
  • Sorcerel's name is a corruption of the English word "sorcerer," which is a term for a spell caster.