Holotome Profile: Solwing
Solwing still
Base Stats
Attack 1
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 2 feet 7 inches
Weight 5 pounds
Special Ability Flight
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
First Appearance "A Seeker is Born"
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Solwing is a Krono-Titan resembling a six-winged hawk wearing the helmet of a Greek or Roman soldier. Being highly adept at flight, Solwing can dive at incredible velocity and turn just moments before impact with the ground, a building, or another Titan. A faithful Titan to Dante Vale, Solwing's effectiveness to Seekers stretches from ancient history into the modern age as he fights alongside the Huntik Foundation.


Solwing was a valuable asset to the ancient Greek Seekers who controlled him. Due to his abilities, Solwing Titans served a great many purposes. Some were used to scout ahead in battle while others were used for fire power. Others were used as message carriers due to their ability to cover great distances in mere minutes. Others still were simply held as companions and friends.

Dante's Solwing

A Solwing was the first Titan to bond with the young Dante Vale. Since then, Solwing has become a loyal companion to the Foundation member and has fought many times against the Organization and later against the Blood Spiral.

Dante invoked Solwing to protect Lok from three Suits. Solwing then defeated Mindrone. S1E01

Solwing was scanned on the Holotome while Dante, Lok and Sophie made plans for The Golem of Prague. Solwing then alerted Dante that they were being watched by the Organization. When the team were attacked, Solwing helped distract a Redcap. Later Solwing attacked Breaker after Caliban's defeat. S1E03

Solwing fought in the battle against the Organization in the Cavern of the Gargoyle. S1E04

Solwing attacked some Suits in the Paris Catacombs. It defeated a Jokoul Titan. S1E06

Solwing helped hold back the Guardians of Thor as the team attempted to find Mjolnir. S1E08

Solwing took DeFoe's bag of the Huntik team's Amulets. However, he was defeated by Kreutalk. S1E09

Dante used Solwing to distract Defoe's Titans. Solwing was blasted by Mindrone but was able to attack Gar-Ghoul. S1E10

Solwing fought with Madea on Madea Island. He gave Dante the time he needed to strike and defeat Madea. S1E11

Solwing attacked Grier in the confrontation on Sutos Island. He was defeated by Grier's Raypulse power. S1E12

Solwing fought alongside Dante's Caliban and Freelancer Titans against Klaus's Brahe. S1E16

Solwing fought alongside Caliban against Klaus's forces on the roofs of the Castle of Vlad Dracul. S1E17

Dante invoked Solwing to fight a Suit's Dark Pharaoh Titan. S1E22

Dante invoked Solwing to chase a Midnight Rook Titan. He worked alongside Den's Cursed Archer Titan to defeat Midnight Rook and Harlekin. Solwing then helped Dante tie up four Silent Soldiers. S2E39

Solwing attacked some Silent Soldiers when they were attacking some of Grier's Suits before returning to Dante's Amulet. S2E46

In a confrontation against the Blood Spiral's Legendary Titan of War, Legion, Solwing distracted Legion, and was absorbed and its Amulet was destroyed. S2E47

Upon Legion's defeat, Solwing was released and returned to the Spirit World. S2E50

Hippolyta's Solwing

Hippolyta invoked Solwing to fight Rassimov's Suits. However, Solwing was hit by a Raypulse and defeated by a Bonelasher Titan. S1E19


A Solwing's speed and agility make them excellent scouts for information such as enemy whereabouts. Solwing also possesses sharp claws that are strong enough to carry away enemies as well as a sharp beak capable of piercing armor. His powerful wings can create gusts of wind to blow away small Titans and even to slow down larger Titans.


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