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Holotome Profile: Silent Soldiers
Silent soldier
Biographical Information
Aliases Fanatics
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral
Base of Operations Blood Spiral Base
Identifying Traits
Tome Loreslave
Series Information
First Appearance "The Blood Spiral"
Last Appearance "Dante's Return"
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The Silent Soldiers are the lowest level minions of Blood Spiral as initiates into the group. They each wear a mask, and hooded gray uniforms with red trim, which designate them as being below Kiel's trained team of Casterwill Hunters.


Tantras started recruiting a new order of Silent Soldiers from the orphanage where Zhalia Moon once lived. Harrison Fears and the other boys became Silent Soldiers, while Den Fears ran away and joined the Huntik Foundation. S2E33

The Silent Soldiers regularly appear in large groups and each of these soldiers is educated to strictly follow the Blood Spiral's laws and to view the world simply as prey for the Nullifiers, who would feast on mankind´s souls. source?


Essentially brainwashed, the Silent Soldiers do nothing but follow orders from the Betrayer's corpse, filling a similar role in the Blood Spiral as the Suits in the Organization. Merciless and cruel, the Silent Soldiers won't hesitate to hurt anyone to achieve the Betrayer's goals.


Silent Soldiers are trained to use basic spells and simpler Blood Spiral spells such as Nullcurse. Their primary Titans, Harlekin and Marauder, draw power from their Seeker's dark emotions.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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