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Holotome Profile: Shadow Kulit
Shadow Kulit
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Can attack with its shadow
Series Information
Users Casterwill Hunters
First Appearance "The Dead Magic Island"
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Shadow Kulit is a Yama-Titan with the face of an Oni. This Titan in samurai armor possesses the unique ability to fight by using a sentient shadow.


Shadow Kulit fought against Fenris and then clashed with Powerbonded Caliban. Shadow Kulit was defeated when Caliban used his own shadow to beat that of Shadow Kulit. S2E44


Shadow Kulit can control his shadow and use it like a weapon. Although he is unable to run or maneuver quickly due to his size, he is a master of swords and combat.


As per the Gallery Policy, the full set of images for Shadow Kulit may be found at the Category Gallery.


  • Shadow Kulit summoning command is "Attack."
  • Shadow Kulit is based on the Wayang Kulit, Japanese shadow puppets. His appearance, however, was likely based upon the Oni.

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