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Holotome Profile: Shadow Agent
Shadow Agent
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Swara-Titan
Series Information
Users Suits
First Appearance "Gremlow Infestation!"
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Shadow Agent is a hooded Swara-Titan who wields a scythe-like axe. He bears green and blue armor which is equipped with large, sharp spines. As a Titan used by the Organization, Shadow Agent is typically paired alongside Doom Warden.


Shadow Agent's Amulet was given to the male of a particular pair of Wilder's Suits, with the female being given Doom Warden, as reserve power. After being invoked in battle, Shadow Agent was defeated by Vigilante after a failed attempt by the Suits to capture Sophie Casterwill. S2E41

Shadow Agent was summoned by the same Suit in the battle for the Ring of Umbra in the vault of Hernán Cortés. After a standoff with Kaioh the Tracker he was held in shock by Enfluxion and then was defeated with a Raypulse cast by Lok Lambert. S2E42


Shadow Agent can deal damage to his enemies with the axe he carries. Shadow Agent is also able to move swiftly and quietly.


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  • Shadow Agent summoning command is "Go quietly."
  • Shadow Agent's name is derived from the English words shadow and agent.
  • Aspects of his appearance may be based on the Grim Reaper.