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Holotome Profile: Sabriel
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 6 feet 9 inches
Weight 160 pounds
Special Ability Unaffected by injury
Powerbonding Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Special Ability Truth Shield
Mirror Fight
Diving Kick
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance "The Casterwill Client"
Powerbonding "Cave of the Casterwills"
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Sabriel is swift and fearless and will do anything to protect her Seeker. Coupled with her ability to bounce back instantly from most battles, she is a dangerous opponent. Sophie Casterwill's faithful fighter, Sabriel is among the toughest and most loyal Titans available to Seekers. Her sister is the magic-oriented Sorcerel.


Sabriel was one of Sophie's first Titans and her favorite to use in battle against the Organization. During the final confrontation with the Professor, Sabriel was affected by the Spikes ability of Dominator and, in protecting Sophie, refused to return to her Amulet. She and her Amulet were then destroyed by a Rippleburst spell from the Professor thanks to Sabriel exhausting her energies using her Supertough ability. After using this ability to protect Sophie, Sabriel disappeared, apparently for good. S1E26

Thanks to the power of Powerbonding, however, Sabriel reappeared by Sophie's side with her summoning icon appearing directly on Sophie's hand. Powerbonded Sabriel defended her Seeker from a treacherous situation against Undine, the Water Spirit and Coralgolem in which Sophie was unable to summon any of her other Titans. After the trial, Sabriel was re-united with her sister Titan, Sorcerel, and was then used by Sophie to fight against both the Organization and the Blood Spiral. S2E29


Sabriel is a master warrior who is equipped with armor and a rapier that are more durable than anything produced by a blacksmith. Thanks to her Supertough ability, she can avoid being sent back to her Amulet due to battle damage. SAS-017 Though unaffected by these injuries, this ability is rarely used because of the damaged done to her Amulet.


When Sabriel became Powerbonded, she transcended the need for a traditional Amulet, which she no longer had, and instead could be invoked from Sophie's hand. Powerbonded Sabriel gained golden armor, a cape, and the capacity to float for a limited time. S2E29 Among her new abilities are Truth Shield to protect herself from attacks and Mirror Fight to mimic her Seeker's moves perfectly. source? When together with Sorcerel and Sophie, they can activate the Triple Truth Shield ability to protect all three of them. source?

Design History

Though originally designed to be able to levitate a number of swords around herself, Sabriel's design developed into that of a more standard warrior. The final design was that of a skilled swordswoman with the ability to endure extra damage before being forced to return to her amulet. Specifically designed for Sophie, Sabriel excels in battle while remaining graceful and collected.


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  • Her summoning commands are "Fight with us," "Attack," "Use your speed," "Let's go," and "Defend us."
  • Sabriel’s name is based on the word saber (British English, sabre), a sword.
  • An older name for her was Rapier, based on the rapier which is a light, very narrow sword.
  • Sabriel's blade, despite being called a rapier, more closely resembles a scimitar or a saber.

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