Holotome Profile: Pied Piper
Pied Piper
Biographical Information
Base of Operations Hamelin, Germany
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Series Information
First Appearance "Gremlow Infestation!"
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The Pied Piper was a Seeker from the Middle Ages. His actions helped to stop a Gremlow infestation in Germany.


The Pied Piper came to Hamlin in order to stop an infestation of Gremlow titans and was successful, using his magical pipe. However, when the adults would not pay him, he led away the children of Hamlin, never to be seen again. S2E41


The Pied Piper was able to charm an infestation of Gremlow Titans using a magical pipe instrument, the Pied Pipe.

Bonded Titans


Artifacts Used

Pied Pipe

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