Holotome Profile: Peque
Base Stats
Attack 2
Defense 3
Type Meso-Titan
Size Average
Height 5 feet
Weight 110 pounds
Special Ability Healer
Series Information
Users Sophie Casterwill
First Appearance SAS-015
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Peque is a red-skinned Meso-Titan healer who is linked with the Mayan people of Central America. She wears an intricate Mayan mask over her face as well as jewelry on her neck, wrists, and ankles.


The Mayan people of Central America worshiped several gods and goddesses of the moon. She inspired the myths of the Mayan healer-goddess and a mother-goddess who was very protective of young children.


Peque has an attack power of 2 and a defense power of 3. She carries a dagger to protect her Seeker, and she can use the power of the moon in order to can heal her allied Seekers and Titans. SAS-015

Design History

Peque was based on a moon-spirit of Central America and was a protector the Mayans. She was given details to her clothing which were prevalent in Mayan art, such as her mask and the lettering on her dagger. As a lunar-themed Titan, her mask and dagger were made to glow with the moonlight. Finally, she was given red skin and toeless feet in order to distinguish her from humans.


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