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Holotome Profile: Pendragon
Base Stats
Attack 6
Defense 6
Type Legendary Warrior/Sorcerer
Special Ability Blade Rain
Powerbonding Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Special Ability Sword Breath
Blade Flair
Series Information
Users Champion of Casterwill
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "Knight of the Willblade"
Powerbonding "Dante's Return"
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Pendragon is the Legendary Titan of Champions, and his Amulet was found inside the Willblade. As the Legendary Titan of Champions, Pendragon's Seeker must be a champion chosen directly by Lord Casterwill.


Pendragon was originally the Titan of the Champion of Casterwill while the elder daughter of Casterwill held the Legendary Titan of Summons, Quetzalcoatl, in the Willblade. Together with the Champion, this Titan became a great help in the fight against the Betrayer and also against the Nullifiers. When the Nullifers were defeated, he used the power of Pendragon in the Willblade to seal the Blood Spiral's dark power. source?

Some time after the conflict, Pendragon's Amulet was placed inside the Willblade until a worthy Seeker could awaken the Titan once again. The young Seeker, Lok Lambert, was the one destined to bond with Pendragon as proclaimed by the prophecies of Nostradamus. S2E28 Pendragon's Amulet, contained inside the Willblade, was found by Lok Lambert on Avalon. S2E30


Because of his huge size, Pendragon possesses incredible strength and endurance. He can also fire energy blasts from his mouth. When the Amulet was inside the Willblade, it could manifest blasts of energy, shockwaves, energy shields and those powers could even dissipate powerful Titans with one strike. He can also break dark enchantments such as Divine Mirror Kagami's controlling Dendras. S2E30


Pendragon became Powerbonded with Lok Lambert during the battle against the Betrayer and Demigorgan. Through Powerbonding, Pendragon gained the ability to breathe a shower of energy swords that fall onto enemies, inflicting massive damage. His size and figure also changed, making him physically stronger and able to walk on his hind legs more easily. He is thus far the only known Legendary Titan to have become Powerbonded. S2E52


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  • His summoning command is: "Awaken."
  • Pendragon's name was based on the epithet of Pendragon which was born by Uther Pendragon, the father of the legendary King Arthur, as well as by King Arthur himself. This title means "head-dragon" or "chieftain" in Welsh. Pendragon's appearance is based on that of a dragon.
  • As further reference to Arthurian lore when the Willblade was found on Avalon, it was in a stone altar much like the sword Caliburn, also known as the Sword of selection or the Sword in the Stone. In more modern incarnation of Arthurian legends, the sword Caliburn is replaced by Excalibur.
  • Powerbonded Pendragon's design incorporates aspects resembling Quetzalcoatl's head and Overlos' wings.