Holotome Profile: Nordrake
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 4
Type Litho-Titan Sharpshooter
Size Average
Height 16 feet
Weight 6000 pounds
Special Ability Ice Blast
Series Information
Users The Professor
First Appearance "The Secret of Two Generations"
Last Appearance "The Mission"
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Nordrake is one of the Professor's most powerful Titans and was reserved for his final confrontation against the Huntik Foundation. Nordrake, along with Dominator, is one of the Professor's most powerful and popular Titans, besides Araknos.


Nordrake was an ice-dragon Titan primarily used by ancient Seekers in northern Europe. A Nordrake Amulet was acquired by Simon Judeau and became one of his first titans along with Dendras.

During a confrontation on a roof between the Professor and Dante Vale's team, Dante invoked Ignatius to overcome Araknos' ability to control his Titans. As a countermeasure, the Professor invoked Nordrake, whose ice abilities overpowered Ignatius and send him back to his Amulet. S1E24

When Dante's team prepared for their final confrontation against the Professor, Nordrake was studied as one of the prime obstacles between them and the Professor's Legendary Titans. S1E25 During this confrontation, Nordrake was summoned along with Dominator in response to an attack by Sophie Casterwill and her only remaining Titan, Sabriel. Due to the effects of Dominator's Spikes ability and the barrage by Nordrake's Ice Blasts, Sabriel's Amulet was destroyed. As the rest of the team arrived and the Professor prepared to attack, Zhalia's Gar-Ghoul managed to attack Nordrake with a torrent of water. Nordrake finally being defeated, Ignatius could be used by Dante against Araknos. S1E26


Nordrake can breathe ice and cold air to freeze anything with its Ice Blasts. Being a dragon, Nordrake can also fly through the air with great prowess. It possesses razor sharp claws and teeth, as well as a strong tail that can be used as a club.


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  • Nordrake's name originates from the words drake, a type of dragon, and nord, the German word for north, a region commonly associated with being cold.

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