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Holotome Profile: Wilder
Wilder 2
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) The Organization
Base of Operations Organization Central
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Series Information
First Appearance "Doorway to Huntik"
Last Appearance "An Ally from the Organization"
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Wilder was the successor of the Professor and was the second leader of the Organization. Wilder characteristically wears his blonde hair styled, and he wears a white suit like his predecessor. His two righthand men while leading the Organization were Hoffman, who had also served the Professor, and Stack.


After the fall of the Professor, Wilder hoped to rise and reunite the Organization under himself by taking out Dante Vale's Foundation team. Doorway to Huntik

Wilder then leaded the Organization to the tower of Nostradamus to retrieve his scrying glass, but was ambushed by the Huntik Foundation. After a tough fight with the Huntik team, Wilder and his team were defeated when he and Stack attacked the three Sentry Triclops. The Tower of Nostradamus

Wilder ambushed the Huntik team for the Willblade and used his new titan Divine Mirror Kagami to turn Dante to stone by reflecting King Basilisk's stone gaze ability to reach the Willblade, Wilder then fought Lok, Sophie and Cherit once he was inside the castle in Avalon. after a long fight with Lok wilder was defeated when Lok used the Willblade to protect Sophie. Knight of the Willblade

Wilder ambushed Lok, Sophie and cherit when they were searching for information on Void, after he captured them as his prisoners he left Stack to deliver them to the Organization Hq. Chasing Void

Wilder once again ambushed the Huntik team, this time for the amulet of Void in Klaus's bookstore, he was defeated by Wind once the Blood Spiral arrived. The Blood Spiral

Wilder then infiltrated the Blood Spiral on the island of Medusa but his plans were interrupted when Dante and his team interfered. Zhalia's Mission

Wilder and Hoffman ambushed the Huntik team in Hernán Cortés's vault by setting traps to retrieve the ring of Umbra the shadow jaguar, but retreated once the Huntik team received Umbra's Ring. The Power of Umbra

Wilder lost his control of the Organization when Grier, at the suggestion of Dante Vale, took over the Organization by taking Wilder hostage on Sutos Island. An Ally from the Organization


As the second leader of the Organization, Wilder possessed a charismatic personality with which he could rally Suits to his side. Thinking much of his own charisma, Wilder even foolishly attempted and failed to blackmail Rassimov into forcing the Blood Spiral into serving the Organization.

Cool but not collected in battle, Wilder would boast of his skills and abilities out of his vain ego while his superiority complex would often lead him to make foolish mistakes and to lose battles. In many cases, he would comb his hair or straighten his tie when instead he should have concentrated on fighting. Though otherwise sly, he was quick to rise to anger when his disadvantages and mistakes were pointed out to him.

Wilder possessed great ambitions for the Organization, hoping to unite the Organization under his own control. Using dirty tricks to achieve his goals, Wilder fought like a coward, rarely hesitating from attacking the helpless or from attacking his opponent from behind. Though he thought his way was best for the Organization, he was accused by Grier of considering personal aspirations over those of the rest of the group. An Ally from the Organization


Wilder tends to lead by charisma, letting his men do most of the dirty work for him. When he needs to get his hands dirty by participating in the combat, he draws upon a small arsenal of spells and Titans such as his signature Titan Incubane. Like the Professor before him, Wilder makes use of the Rippleburst spell. However, unlike the Professor, Wilder's own skills in battle are often found to be wanting.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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