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Holotome Profile: Mermen
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Casterwill family
Base of Operations Atlantis
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Series Information
First Appearance "Coming of Age"
Last Appearance "Coming of Age"
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The mermen are a group of Seekers that reside in the Casterwill compound of Atlantis.


The origins of the mermen are unclear. They are the second test to enter the Casterwill compound in Atlantis. Eathon Lambert never made it to their test, but his son, Lok Lambert, as well as Dante Vale, Sophie Casterwill, and Zhalia Moon managed to enter Atlantis and pass the mermen's test.


The mermen are capable of summoning equivalent, water-based Titans to those summoned by a Seeker within their test. This power, however, is useless against a Legendary Titan as they are one of a kind and have no equivalent Titans. The mermen also have a host of spells at their disposal. Although being the guards of a Casterwill compound, Casterwill spells do not appear to be in their repertoire.

Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans