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Holotome Profile: Megataur
Base Stats
Attack 5
Defense 6
Type Krono-Titan Warrior
Size Large
Height 14 feet 4 inches
Weight 5,600 pounds
Special Ability Knockback
Series Information
Users Grier
First Appearance "Like Father, Unlike Son"
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Megataur is a half-bull, half-man Titan bound by gold chains. This Titan is considered a symbol of the Sutos nobility and as such will only bound with a Seeker of the Sutos Island royal family. Megataur was used by Zan-Sutos before its Amulet was given to his son, Grier.


The ancient Greek legend of the Minotaur is based on the Titan known as Megataur, who was used by emperors and Seekers alike to guard labyrinths. The unlucky few who were smart enough to navigate these complex mazes faced the powerful Megataur as their "reward."

After Megataur's Seeker, Zan-Sutos, was killed, Megataur's Amulet was hidden away by the royal Governor, not wanting the Titan to fall in to the wrong hands. Upon Grier's return to Sutos with the Organization backing him to restore order to the island, the Governor bestowed Megataur's Amulet to Grier as the son of the true king of Sutos. Being of noble blood and intentions, Grier was able to bond with Megataur. S1E12


Megataur is strong and powerful, and is fairly quick on his feet despite his size. His Horned Charge ability is very useful when taking down opponents, as his horns are very sharp.


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  • This Titan is based on the mythological minotaur.
  • His summoning command is "Fight On".