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Holotome Profile: Marauder
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 2
Type Hecto-Titan Scout
Size Average
Special Ability Perfect Vision
Series Information
Users Harrison Fears
Silent Soldiers
First Appearance "The Blood Spiral"
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Marauder is one of the Titans used by Silent Soldiers of the Blood Spiral. Marauder's body is enveloped in a dark cloak and his face is covered by a strange mask. Marauder and Harlekin are together used like the Redcap and Mindrone Titans used by the Organization. Like Harlekin, Marauder draws power on its Seeker's negative emotions, especially rage. Marauder is related to another Titan known as Psikofen.


Several Marauder and Harlekin Titans were invoked by the Silent Soldiers during the battle for the Amulet of Void in Klaus's lab. One Marauder Titan defeated Powerbonded Sabriel. Another Marauder Titan attacked Lok Lambert but was defeated by the Willblade. A Marauder Titan attacked Powerbonded Caliban but was defeated when Caliban used Harlekin's claws to hit Marauder. S2E32

While recruiting orphans in Rotterdam, Tantras gave Harrison Fears a Marauder Amulet, stating that rage was necessary to bond with Marauder and using Underfear to help him focus his emotions. Harrison then invoked Marauder. When the other two orphans invoked their Harlekin Titans, which Tantras had given them, Marauder wrestled a Harlekin to the ground. Later Harrison used Marauder to defeat a Fog Monster which Tantras had summoned. S2E33

Marauder Titans were used in the battle outside the Fortress of Iron Will. Marauder was seen fighting Templar. S2E40

Two Marauder Titans were used to guard Tantras as he harness the power of the Heart of Vlad Dracul. The pair were sacrificed by Harrison Fears, using Bloodrank, to power up Powerbonded Antedeluvian. S2E43

Several Marauder Titans were used in the battle at the Spiral Mark. One Marauder attacked Fenris only to be defeated by Firbolg. Two Marauder Titans fought Powerbonded Baselaird. After a hasty confrontation, Baselaird defeated the two of them. S2E51


Marauder can run extremely fast and recover swiftly from attacks. This ability allows him to chaotically storm through the battle field with his Cutlasses attached to his arms slashing down heroes. These cutlasses can shoot lighting bolts when held in close in contact. His special ability Perfect Vision gives him an edge in combat.


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  • His summoning command is "Bring chaos!"
  • The word "marauder" refers to someone who attacks in search of treasure to steal or raid. This origin may explain Marauder being so rabid.