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Quotes have been obtained and processed by the Huntik Foundation.

"Events have been set in motion that spell the undoing of the world."
- Lucas Casterwill to the Huntik team, (Chasing Void)

"If the Organization learns we're after Void, they'll figure out the secret it holds."
- Lucas Casterwill to Zhalia Moon (Chasing Void)

"I never wanted this life for you. I wanted my only sister to be safe and happy."
- Lucas Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill (Chasing Void)

"Sophie, these enemies are too dangerous. Go into hiding, I beg you."
- Lucas Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill about the Blood Spiral threat (The Blood Spiral)

"I'm a stronger Seeker than you and I failed"
- Lucas Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill, about the Trial of Courage, (Sophie on Trial)

"Sophie will fail the test, then she'll have no choice but to listen to me. It will be for her own good"
- Lucas Casterwill to Focauld Casterwill and Nimue Casterwill(Sophie on Trial)

"Sophie. I was wrong and I'm proud of you, so I pledge my loyalty to Sophie. Leader of The Casterwills!"
- Lucas Casterwill to Sophie Casterwill (The Spiral War)

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