"Lok and the Betrayer"
Season 2, Episode 51
S2E51 Surrounded by Spirals
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"The Spiral Mark"
"Dante's Return"
Production Information
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Locations Blood Spiral Base
New Information
Titans Demigorgan
Powerbondings Powerbonded Vigilante
Spells Shocklash
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In the final battle, Dante defeats Rassimov one-on-one while Lok and Sophie destroy Legion. Following Nostradamus's clue, Lok drives the Willblade into the Spiral Mark to destroy it. But it's a trick by the Betrayer and Lok dooms everyone. To save the world from Comet, Dante sacrifices himself.


Den confronts Harrison in a final battle which results in a cave-in, but, fortunately, the pair are rescued by Zhalia and Kilthane. Hit hard by Dante Vale's death, Lok is furious when the Betrayer and the Blood Spiral mock Dante's sacrifice. Determined not give up hope, Lok leads the Huntik Foundation and the Casterwill family to fight in Dante's name. However, Lok realizes that he has been tricked by the Betrayer when his father's Holotome is revealed to be the Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan. Up against the strongest of the Betrayer's Titans, Lok and Sophie are at the Betrayer's mercy.



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