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Holotome Profile: Knights of Arc's Inner Circle
Paris Catacombs 7 (arcs inner circle)
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Trap Type Statues
Series Information
Summoned by Joan of Arc
Item(s) Guarded Ring of Arc
First Appearance Crawling the Catacombs
Last Appearance Crawling the Catacombs
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Ring of Arc

The Knights of Arc's Inner Circle are suits of armor that are positioned along the wall of the ring chamber in the Paris Catacombs. The armor each have a set of weapons that they use to protect the Ring of Arc from any intruders. The weapons glow with magical energy and float attacking all those that enter the chamber. Using any other magic only makes the weapons stronger, and the only way to defeat the knights was to demolish their suits of armor, the source of the enchantment.

Dante Vale, Zhalia Moon, Lok Lambert, and Sophie Casterwill fought them and defeated them. S1E05


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