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Holotome Profile: Kipperin
Kipperin profile
Base Stats
Attack 1
Defense 2
Type Gaia-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 3 feet
Weight 20 pounds
Special Ability Flight
Powerbonding Stats
Attack 3
Defense 5
Special Ability Winged Fusion
Light Burst
Series Information
Users Eathon Lambert
Lok Lambert
First Appearance "A Seeker is Born" (amulet)
"Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
Powerbonding "Doorway to Huntik"
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Kipperin is a helpful moth-like Titan, mostly used by the Huntik Foundation. He's not quite as fast as Icarus, but he is strong enough to carry people or even large Titans. Lok has the same Kipperin that his father had, when he found Eathon's Kipperin Amulet alongside Eathon Lambert's journal. Kipperin is friendly, and is often eager to help out Seekers that have bonded with him, whether that is by flying the bonded seeker or the seeker's allies.


According to the Huntik Foundation records, there were once hundreds of Kipperin Titans used by Seekers; however, most of their Amulets became either lost or hidden.

A Kipperin previously belonged to the father of Lok Lambert, Eathon Lambert, who at some point hid Kipperin's Amulet, along with his journal, inside of an old vase. The Amulet was uncovered by Lok when the vase accidentally was knocked down by Lok ,attempting to stop Sophie Casterwill from taking the vase down. S1E01

Kipperin first was invoked by Lok in the Golem's Attic on the Road of Alchemists when Dante Vale's team was nearly defeated by DeFoe. Lok flew in on Kipperin's wings to take out an Organization operative and help the team to recover Metagolem's Amulet. S1E03

Kipperin was used in Iceland to lift Ignatius to make a rainbow, forming the Rainbow Bridge to the Temple of Thor. S1E07

Following the defeat of the Professor, Kipperin Powerbonded with Lok. S2E27


Seekers that have bonded with Kipperin often use them to fly, since Kipperin has tentacles that he can wrap around the Seeker. Being weak in combat, Kipperin's advantages lie in his speed and maneuverability. Since the Bond allows them to communicate telepathically, the Kipperin moves as the Seeker wants. Kipperin can also lift other Seekers and is strong enough to lift Titans. S1E07


When the bond with his Seeker, Lok Lambert, became stronger, Kipperin gained the ability of Powerbonding with his Seeker. Kipperin gained the Winged Fusion ability, allowing him to become a protective armor for his Seeker. In Winged Fusion, Kipperin's head turns into the helmet while his wings become cape-like when unused, his tendrils wrapping around his Seeker's limbs and fusing to become the armor. S2E27 His Light Burst ability allows Kipperin to emit yellow energy which can add power to an aerial tackle. S2E30 Kipperin also gained the ability Wing Slap which just like the name suggests allows Kipperin to smack his enemies with his wings.


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  • Kipperin's design is based on a large moth, much like Mothra.
  • Kipperin's summoning commands are "Let's go" and "Raise me up."