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Quotes have been obtained and processed by the Huntik Foundation.

"Thinking is a waste. Only action has meaning."
- Kiel to Stack, (Zhalia's Mission)

"Fear knows no borders."
- Kiel to Murdock, (The Casterwill Connection)

"For that, I'll melt you all!"
-Kiel to the Huntik team, (The Casterwill Connection)

"Did you think, you can escape destruction so easily?"
- Kiel to Dante Vale, (The Titan in the Temple of Sun)

"Paris, Casterwills... So it is you. I thought as much. I never forget the face of my prey."
- Kiel to Sophie Casterwill, (The Titan in the Temple of Sun)

"Didn't know? Your parents were my first target!"
- Kiel to Sophie Casterwill, (The Titan in the Temple of Sun)

"They're trapped. No one can stop us."
- Kiel about the Casterwills in the Fortress of Iron Will (The Spiral War)

"Oh? I remember how much you like fire"
- Kiel to Sophie Casterwill, (The Spiral War)

"All together! Nothing can survive!"
- Kiel to his Titans, (The Spiral War)

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