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Holotome Profile: Kiel
Biographical Information
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Series Information
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
Last Appearance "The Spiral War"
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Kiel is a high level member of the Blood Spiral team known as the Casterwill Hunters. He was the one who burned down the house of Sophie Casterwill he was also the one responsible for killing Sophie Casterwill's parents. His choice Titans and spells are typically fire-related. He is Tantras's most brutal student and according to Harrison he is the only student that ever surpassed Tantras.


Kiel was responsible for the death of Sophie and Lucas Casterwill's parents and for the burning of their house in Paris, France. S2E38

Kiel later attempted to steal the secrets of the Casterwill family from Focauld Casterwill with the aid of his Ignatius Titan, Murdock, and the Casterwill Hunters. S2E37

During the assault on the Fortress of Iron Will, Kiel led the Casterwill Hunters in an attempt by the Blood Spiral to eradicate every living member of the family at once. Kiel personally went after Sophie Casterwill, using his Balenpyre and Volcana Titans to do battle. He and his Titans were defeated when Sophie used Soulburn's power to defeat him and his two invoked Titans. Though Kiel, himself, was defeated, he managed to invoke his most powerful Titan, Efreet King, before passing out. S2E40


Kiel is a brutal and cruel individual, who gets easily enraged by trifles, as when Stack called him "mister." Kiel's sole goal is to kill the Casterwills. He bursts in anger when someone is stopping him on his way to do so. He doesn't respect his enemies, treating them like a prey. He has no patience, as evidenced by his claim that they would find the Casterwill secrets easily among the pieces of the Library after they had torn it down, and his interruption of Focauld Casterwill. He is in a word, a pyromaniac.


Kiel is very powerful warrior as he is able to hold Dante Vale in fight. He usually uses fire-related powers, for example covers himself with flames or shoots burning blasts, he also uses Titans that are made out of fire, like Volcana. In fact he is one of the more powerful Blood Spiral Brotherhood.


Bonded Titans


  • Tantras was not only his master, but apparently his guardian.


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