Holotome Profile: Jodis Lore's Key
Jodis Lore's Key
Artifact Information
Item Type Key
Effects Used to unlock the Golem's Attic.
Series Information
User(s) Jodis Lore
First Appearance "Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
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Jodis Lore's key is used to unlock the enchanted door to the Golem's Attic on the Road of Alchemists in Prague, Czech Republic.


Jodis Lore's key was retrieved by DeFoe from Jodis Lore's study underneath the Prague Central Cemetery.

A copy of the key was used by Dante Vale to beat the Organization to the Golem's Attic as the door was enchanted only to the shape of the key.

DeFoe and Grier shortly used the original key to enter the Golem's Attic and were ambushed by Dante's team. S1E03


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