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Holotome Profile: Jeweled Colossus
Jeweled Colossus
Base Stats
Type Litho-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 2 feet 11 inches
Weight 210 pounds
Special Ability Finishing Move
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Jeweled Colossus is a Titan that likes to make impressive poses when not in battle so that everyone will look at and admire all of his beautiful gems.

This hulking warrior Titan might come off as materialistic on first glance, with his sparkling collection of encrusted gems, but the reality of the situation is much more interesting. Any experienced Seeker knows that Titans have no interest in earthly wealth, and any greed they might display would only be a reflection of a Seeker that once controlled them. Jeweled Colossus is reflecting no such greed and simply looks the way he does naturally.



The gems buried deep into his skin act first as a super-strong armor that leaves him with almost total maneuverability. With a normal suit of armor, warriors are slowed down by the connection between joints and the sheer weight, but the Colossus's armor has no such drawbacks. The Jeweled Colossus is also able to produce a magical glow within his body, and he can modify the lights he gives off by directing the energy through different gems to daze, confuse, frighten, or even hypnotize enemies.


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