Holotome Profile: Impet
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Yama-Titan Scout
Size Small
Height 2 feet 9 inches
Weight 45 pounds
Special Ability Stealthy Trickster
Series Information
Users Suits
Unnamed Suit 010
Unnamed Suit 043
First Appearance "Memory Lane"
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Impet, a twisted, darker brother of Cherit, is small, nimble Titan with dark blue skin. Adept at hiding and sneaking up on his target, he possesses the ability to enhance his allies or curse his enemies. Impet Amulets are in the possession of multiple Organization agents.


Impet Titans inspired the myths of imps, which were troublesome, demonic, or fairy-like creatures.

Suit 010's Impet

An Impet Titan was invoked by unnamed Suit 010 in an attempt to corner Lok Lambert and Dante Vale in an alley. The two Seekers, however, managed to escape. S1E18

Suit 043's Impet

Impet was invoked by unnamed Suit 043 in the Mausoleum of Sir Lancelot to attack Dante Vale and Lok Lambert but was defeated.

Other Impets

Later, one of Rassimov's Suits invoked Impet to attack Dante and Sophie but was caught in a Bubblelift power and defeated by Sabriel. S1E18

In Turkey, Impet was invoked by one of Rassimov's Suits to attack the Huntik team. He attempted to blast Lok but was defeated by Cherit. S1E19

At the Temple of Poseidon, Impet was invoked by one of Rassimov's Suits. He fired several energy blasts at Lok before being defeated by a Raypulse from Sophie. S1E20


Impet is able to fire energy blast from his mouth. He is also able to hover in the air and is extremely nimble, able to hide from his enemies and then launch a surprise attack.


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  • Impet's summoning command is "Attack."
  • In an earlier episode, Impet's amulet had a different design, resembling that of a Krono-Titan and being gold with a white gem.
  • Impet is a play on words 'imp' (meaning a small gargoyle or another similar creature) and 'pet'.