Holotome Profile: Hyperstride
S1E24 Hyperstride
Spell Information
Class General
Range Personal
Series Information
Users Dante Vale
Den Fears
Lok Lambert
Sophie Casterwill
Zhalia Moon
First Appearance "A Seeker is Born"
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Hyperstride is a basic spell and considered to be mandatory for Seekers. The spell increases the casters speed and agility allowing them to run quickly for escapes and strike quickly while in combat, it has also been shown to increase the distance of the casters jumps. The spell manifests itself as a blue aura that surrounds the casters legs, Hyperstride is one of Dante's preferred spells. There is a Dark version of this spell called Cutrace which functions in the same way that is used by the Blood Spiral Brotherhood The only difference is that Cutrace is colored a reddish purple. 


  • On the Hyperstride card, Dante's legs are covered in a fiery orange aura instead of blue as seen in the show.
  • Hyperstride is the first spell to be used without its name being spoken, in the episode "A Seeker is Born."
  • It is apparantly possible to cast Hyperstride on someone else, as Dante Vale casts it on his Caliban to help push the boat in Episode 12 - "Like Father, Unlike Son."
  • Hyperstride is called Hypersprong in the Dutch version, which means Hyperjump in English. This is somewhat strange since Hyperstride can also be used for running.

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