Holotome Profile: Hydramaskar
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 4
Type Meso-Titan
Size Large
Height 8 feet 11 inches
Weight 900 pounds
Special Ability Triple Threat
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The ancient Greeks believed in a seven-headed snake-dragon called Hydra, but this Aztec Titan has only three heads. Like the Greek Hydra, it is very dangerous and hard to destroy.


Like his Titan cousin, the seven-headed Hydra of Greek legend, the Hydramaskar of Aztec mythology wields a different power for each head on his body and cannot be destroyed unless each head is neutralized. While the Hydramaskar Titan has only three heads, each packs a very significant and unique punch. Fire bolts, ice rays, and shadow magic are Hydramaskar's primary ranged abilities. He can also enhance his strength and enchant his claws with any magic from his arsenal, transforming the already deadly beast into an unstoppable melee force.


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