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We currently have 2,057 articles and 2,838 images since being founded in January, 2009.

The Huntik Wiki is an expanding encyclopedia of for the Huntik television series, comic books, and TCG. For information about the use of our content on other websites, please read our Copyright Policy.

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December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas
From us at the Huntik Wiki, a merry Christmas to you and yours.
October 28, 2013
Italian Editors Wanted
The Italian Huntik Wiki has been a bit of a target to vandalism and incorrect information particularly over the past year. We're currently looking for Italian-speaking contributors who can help with the clean-up. For more information, check out the forum.
September 19, 2013
2000 Article Mark
The Huntik Wiki has now reached 2000 pages, including our TCG section, Appearances, and Quotes. Many thanks to everyone who has been a part of these projects! : D
August 29, 2013
Policy Refining
Since the massive update of the Policy section earlier this year, the Huntik Wiki has made a number of steps forward regarding content and a professional appearance. A number of new ideas for the wiki have been proposed recently. For more information, check out the forum discussions and suggestions for a Quotes Policy, Infobox source referencing, and Admin activity.
July 26, 2013
Image Policy Update
The Image Policy has been updated with information on standard filenames and how to make sure uploaded images aren't missed.
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Lindorm Icon

Lindorm is a draconic Gaia-Titan used heavily by Lok. Controlling this Titan requires his Seeker to be in complete control of both thoughts and emotions. One mis-directed thought and Lindorm's Rolling Charge ability can make quick work of the one targeted by this thought.

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Featherdrop OAL-68
OAL-086 - Featherdrop, in honor of the completion of Omens and Legacies.

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