Holotome Profile: Hellynx
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan
Series Information
Users Murdock
First Appearance "Words from Eathon"
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Hellynx is a demonic, cat-like Yama-Titan that bears blue armor. Its body is covered by a number of bony spikes. This Titan is used by Murdock.


Hellynx was invoked by Murdock at the tomb of Nostradamus to ambush Dante Vale by pouncing upon him. Hellynx then fought Dullahan but was quickly defeated by Elf King Oberon. S2E49


Despite being just the size of a house pet, Hellynx makes up for its size in its great agility, being capable of attacking swiftly and without notice.


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  • Hellynx's summoning command is "Trick them."
  • Hellynx is based on the words hell and lynx.
  • Hellynx's summoning animation is a reference to the Cheshire Cat, as the first time when it was summoned Hellynx' jaw appeared first with the rest of the body appearing afterwards.