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Holotome Profile: Harrison Fears
Harrison Fears 2
Biographical Information
Relations Den Fears (brother)
Group Affiliation(s) Blood Spiral Brotherhood
Base of Operations The Spiral Mark
Identifying Traits
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Series Information
First Appearance "Den Vs Harrison"
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Harrison Fears is the younger brother of Den Fears. While Harrison chose to remain with the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, his brother, Den, joined the Huntik Foundation. Due to their conflicting sides and outlooks, the two brothers became heated rivals until the battle against the Betrayer made Harrison switch sides.


Harrison was raised in the same orphanage that Zhalia Moon grew up in with his brother Den, who stood up for Harrison whenever he was bullied by the other orphans. Tantras showed up to the orphanage to teach the orphans to become Silent Soldiers of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. While Tantras saw the potential in Harrison joining the Blood Spiral due to his anger and rage and was then marked with the symbol of the Blood Spiral by Rassimov. When his brother, decided to leave the Blood Spiral, Harrison tried to bring him back, to no avail. Harrison left his brother and walked back to the orphanage with Tantras. Harrison then grew angry at his brother for not becoming a Silent Soldier, while Den became angry that Harrison had joined an evil organization. S2E33

The two brothers fought each time when the Huntik team and the Blood Spiral met. At one time, Den nearly took Harrison to the Huntik Foundation, but Zhalia Moon used a Darksleep on him. S2E36

Upon joining the Blood Spiral, Tantras gave Harrison some rather brutal training, teaching him brutal techniques and to allow himself to hatred and rage. Harrison proved himself to be the most loyal and powerful among the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. He may have begun to see Tantras as a father-like figure, as he was saddened by the injuries his master had succumbed to.  S2E47

After a fierce battle with Den, Harrison finally joined forces with his brother to fight the Betrayer after realizing that his friend and fellow Silent Soldier, Zhalia Moon, was actually an undercover member of the Huntik Foundation. S2E51


Harrison seems to hold more grudges towards the world than his brother Den, perhaps due to the fact that he was often bullied and tormented by other kids. Because he is rather weakly-built, he couldn't defend himself and everything what left him was silent anger, even though his older brother Den would always step in to help when he could. He saw Blood Spiral as a way to make everyone experience and understand his pain as an orphan. He used his new powers to get revenge on everyone who hurt him in the past. It was also his reason to live, he felt needed and respected, as he even replaced Tantras beside Rassimov. He didn't seem to understand Zhalia's sarcastic remarks that power is not everything, but he neverthless felt close to her. He said that he treats her like a sister. When she got attacked by the Betrayer, something in Harrison broke and he turned to his brother for help again, choosing the right path and showing that he wasn't actually cruel, emotionless and evil, just rather confused and lost in the world. He is in fact simply a lost soul that has been hurt so bad that right and wrong doesn't matter anymore. However his strong dark-side makes him appealing to Titans that bond easily to those with strong dark-sides.


Spells Utilized

Bonded Titans


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  • The name Harrison means "son of Harry" in English.