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Holotome Profile: Harlekin
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 1
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Special Ability Surprise Attack
Series Information
Users Silent Soldiers
Casterwill Hunters
First Appearance "The Blood Spiral"
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Harlekin are the principle Titans used by the Silent Soldiers of the Blood Spiral. According to Tantras, fear is necessary to bond with Harlekin in contrast to the rage which is necessary to bond with Marauder. Within the Blood Spiral, Harlekin and Marauder are like the Redcap and Mindrone Titans of the Organization.


When both the Casterwill family and the Organization set their eyes on the Amulet of Void, Harlekin Titans were used when the Blood Spiral burst in to seize the Nullifier. S2E32

When Tantras was attempting to recruit several orphans for the Blood Spiral, he tested their potential as Seekers. When Harrison Fears summoned Marauder, the other two boys were terrified. Tantras then gave the frightened boys Harlekin Amulets, telling the boys to use their fear to invoke Harlekin. The boys later used their Harlekin Titans to attack Lok and Sophie. After fighting Sorcerel, one Harlekin was defeated by Lok while the other, having defeated Vigilante, was defeated by Powerbonded Caliban. S2E33


Harlekin attacks using its sharp claws, and it appears to be fairly strong and fairly agile. Like Marauder, Harlekin draws power on its Seeker's negative emotions, being fueled by fear. It is also able to jump from place to place quickly.  S2E36


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  • The command for summoning Harlekin is "Embrace madness."
  • Harlekin is based on the Harlequin which was a type of court jester common in medieval England.