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Holotome Profile: Gybolg
Base Stats
Attack 4
Defense 3
Type Gaia-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Height 9 feet
Weight 450 pounds
Special Ability Fury Blade
Series Information
Users Cú Chulainn
Scarlet Byrne
First Appearance "Home Turf"
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Gybolg is a fierce Titan from the stories of Celtic Ireland. His name means "barbed spear," and he represents the strength of earth and the swiftness of water. He can summon forest minions named Calbolg to fight by his side.


Scarlet Byrne theorized that Cú Chulainn had to defeat a water Titan or clear a water trap in order to find his Gybolg's Amulet. Later, he was found in Ireland, and Scarlet, with the help of Dante´s team, managed to bond with this Titan.  S1E13


When Gybolg starts a combat his attack power increases, thanks to his Berserker ability. Gybolg can also use his mighty sword to slice through enemies. Gybolg can use some of his strength to call his minions, Calbolgs to raise an army to fight with him, an ability he shares in common with Bazela Hive and Ymir. He is also fairly durable.



  • Gybolg's name is derived from Gáe Bulg, a legendary spear used by Cú Chulainn. Gybolg's appearance is based off of a being from English Folklore called the Green Man.
  • Gybolg's summoning command is Use your strength.